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The Importance of Light in Food Styling

The Importance of Light in Food Styling

Explore How Photographic Lighting and Food Styling are related

Ahh, light…beautiful light. Ever wonder why some food shots look so delicious. and then some, well, you know…are less than appealing? Drab, monochromatic, just BLAH and something that no one wants to eat?

There is a reason for this and it’s called light. Have you been on the beach late in the day and the light is amazing…low, warm and golden, creating long shadows? Then, someone takes your picture and you look…breathtaking? Not to suggest you aren’t breathtaking in any light, the truth is most of us are improved in this light. Our skin is luminous, our eyes are sparkling and our flaws are smoothed out by that great photoshop in the sky…light. The same holds true for your food.

Beautiful Light=Beautiful Food

The most talented food stylists most likely have experienced doing shots that make them cringe later. Such care was put into it and then the end result doesn’t show that fact. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the food is to the eye, bad lighting will kill it. So, chefs, food bloggers and all other food obsessed people…learn about lighting. Your creations and their photographs will thank you for it!

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