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An Easy Tip to Help Find a Background Surface for Engaging Food Photography

An Easy Tip to Help Find a Background Surface for Engaging Food Photography

One way to find a place to create beautiful food photos

Here it is.  One of the easiest ways to improve your food photography.  Do this one simple task and your life may change as an image creator.  

Are you ready?  Do you think you can handle it?

Are you sitting…?  Good.  Here it is…

Get up off your ass and shoot!

That is it.  You’re done.  You are a now a master of finding some of the best background surfaces for food photography.  

In my experience as a food photographer shooting mostly on location in restaurants, one of the most challenging, yet fun aspects is trying to locate interesting places upon which to place a dish.  The goal is to not only add visual appeal to your final photograph but to also try to compliment the dish itself, as well as creating a cohesive set of images to compliment and showcase the restaurant.  I learned fairly quickly, despite the vast variety of decor found in many restaurants, that once I completed a shot on a table or the bar that I was searching for yet another spot to avoid redundancy in the final set of images.  It wasn’t too long before I started looking at the actual chairs and seating of a restaurant’s dining room as another optional location to place the compositions and I have been successful with the results.  All the images on this post were shot using chairs or seating found within the restaurant which added compositional variety and interest in a couple of different ways. 

As you can see in the lead image of this post as well with the images below that a restaurant’s seating can offer many options of texture, color, pattern, shape or repetition.  All of which are artistically important when creating visual interest.  As a photographer you can zoom in tight to frame the dish.  It’s easy to use the elements of decor in a chair without actually showing to the viewer that it is actually a chair.  If you learn to look around the room and not only see ‘just a chair’ but start viewing these as surfaces, and possible backgrounds and begin to question:  Can I use that as a ‘texture’?  Does that ‘color’ compliment the dish?  Will the ‘shape’ (or ‘lines’) of the chair add visual interest?…then you will be able to use these hidden treasures in your own successful food photography.  

Another benefit of using chairs and seating as backgrounds for food photography is that when you place the final images of food taken on these surfaces around other environmental shots of the dining room itself, you will have a cohesive interplay between the images that work collectively as a successful ‘set’ of images.

Examples of complimenting ‘Color’ found in seating:

use a green chair for food photography background

using a red chair for food photography background

Examples of a chair’s ‘Shape, Texture, Line, and Repetition’ used to create visual interest.

for food photography background, use outdoor chairs

for food photo background, use banquet chair

for food photography background, use a wood chair

for a food photography background, use wooden benches

So there it is!  An easy and effective way to improve your photography skills, simply by 

Getting up off your ass and start shooting!

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